The Lumber Baron has a large selection of reclaimed Douglas Fir for sale. Perfect for flooring, interior siding, exposed beams, furniture or floating shelves; our carefully selected old-growth doug fir lumber is chosen for ring density, strength, and unique coloration, as well as historic value.

Reclaimed douglas fir is known for its sheer structural strength and is still the most common building material. Aside from the name, reclaimed old growth fir, has little in common with the fir used today. Superior in both look and strength, reclaimed fir is a versatile product that can be used uniquely in numerous ways.

With a number of high quality options that can instantly add a local historical flair to your project, make The Lumber Baron your go to supplier for all your reclaimed fir lumber needs.

Current Inventory Items:

Your Source for Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Reclaimed throughout the West Coast, our reclaimed Douglas Fir can be used as is or re-milled for your project. Our reclaimed Fir is a higher quality of lumber than what is available today. These trees were cut and milled in an age when trees were large and craftsmanship was a cornerstone of the American enterprise. No need to cut any new trees down, reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber also helps preserve our forests.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from The Lumber Baron

Our reclaimed fir is carefully selected and prepared to meet the needs of our customers.  It comes from a variety of sources, including old barns, and deconstructed commercial projects throughout California.  Our expert staff will assist you in choosing the best reclaimed Douglas Fir for sale for your project.