Looking for a unique flooring option? Our sustainable flooring products are truly exquisite.

It’s amazing some retailers are able to sell their flooring as genuine “wood” products. Often made of thin veneer strips on top of plywood, most new wood flooring options have little in common with products of the past. Check out these reasons why you may want to install one of our solid, sustainable flooring products, instead of the options you’ll find at other flooring stores.

Benefits of Using Our Flooring Products

• Many new products are made from of glues and other dangerous chemicals that off-gas over time. You’ll find no chemicals in our solid, sustainable, flooring products.

• Short lengths look busy and cheap. Why deal with 1′, 2′ and 3′ increments when you can install long lengths instead. Our usable length average generally pushes 10′ in our sustainable flooring products.

• Wear and tear is inevitable with wood flooring over time. Try refinishing a veneer “wood” floor. You’ll be lucky if you can sand it once without exposing the mystery plywood beneath.  Refinish our solid, sustainable flooring options over and over again, flip them over and then refinish them again over and over.

• Many of today’s floating floor products lack the strength of solid hardwood flooring and sound hollow under foot. That won’t be the case with our solid 3/4″ sustainable flooring products.

• It’s sad to see cheap flooring in old craftsman homes in our area. Maintain the integrity of your home! Replace or repair what was there. Many times it was old growth vertical Douglas Fir, one of the items we stock.

• A number of the current flooring options have round corners that catch dirt where the board join together. Our solid reclaimed clear vertical grain doug fir T&G flooring product is run to a square butt joint tongue and groove pattern.