Western Red Cedar Lumber for Every Application

Western Red Cedar Lumber: you asked for it, we listened, and it’s here! The Lumber Baron is now stocking a full line of #2 and better, clear old growth, vertical grain WRCedar products for sale. Known for its tight grain structure, distinct aroma, resistance to decay, and beauty, our Western Red Cedar lumber is a wonderful choice for decking, siding, fencing, posts or a trellis. No need to worry about sustainability, all of our WRCedar lumber is 100% PEFC Certified.

Light in weight, durable, and easy to work with, WRCedar has been a popular construction material for many years. With a heartwood that ranges in color from reddish to pinkish brown, often with streaks of dark brown, Western Red Cedar (or WRC) is easily workable. It glues and stains well and is rot and insect resistant. We highly recommend you use stainless steel with WRCedar as “bleeding” (black streaking) is a common occurrence when used in conjunction with iron based fasteners.

  • Rough Cut Lumber The Lumber Baron offers dried western red cedar lumber. Rough cut cedar lumber is available in several 1x and 2x sizes, including 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ widths.
  • Beams and Timbers For natural wood that can stand the test of time, WRCedar is ideal for a trellis, pergola, and arbor projects. We regularly stock a variety of sizes, such as 4×4-4×12, 6×6-6×12, 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12. Regular stock cedar beams range from 8′ to 20′ in length.

Western Red Cedar Lumber Milling at Our Location

The Lumber Baron is an experienced lumber company, including milling cedar material to meet your specifications. Want to turn those 6x beams into 3x material? We can mill to custom sizes to give you exactly what you need. Need custom surfacing or special milling? We can take care of that as well.

Western Red Cedar Lumber from The Lumber Baron

At the core of our product list, The Lumber Baron’s selection of WRCedar Clear #2 and better, old growth, vertical grain lumber products is extensive. From 1×4 to 12×12 beams, we have the hard to find, quality western red cedar you are looking for. We provide custom milling and surfacing to give you the perfect look and fit for any project you undertake.

Sticking to our slogan of REAL.GOOD.WOOD. The Lumber Baron offers only the finest Western Red Cedar available.

See What Sets The Lumber Baron Apart

The Lumber Baron is family owned and operated. With over 45 years of service to the Bay Area and beyond, we have become the region’s premier niche lumber supply company, with a reputation built on superior redwood, western red cedar, reclaimed lumber, and of course, customer satisfaction. We are proud of what we offer and are happy to share a peek at some of the finished jobs our customers have created with our material.

With a newly constructed, 3.5 acre Richmond waterfront reclaimed lumberyard now open, complete with indoor storage, an expanded milling operation, and a state of the art show room, we look forward to being able to expand our Reclaimed Lumber selection and free up much needed space at our Albany yard.


Western Red Cedar Lumber

Western Red Cedar Lumber is a beautiful, resilient, versatile product. It is one of the most valuable species due to the unique color, texture, and durability of its wood. With proper finishing and maintenance, cedar will remain beautiful and last for decades. WRCedar is ideal for accepting and holding a wide range of beautiful finishes [...]


Cedar Pailings

Measuring 3/4" thick, by 2-5/8" to 3" wide, by 6' tall, our hand split cedar pailings are a great rustic fence option. New, they shine a golden yellow and they age to a silvery grey; like so many of the redwood grapestake fences you see throughout California. Our cedar pailings are currently sold out. Please [...]