Project Description

Known for its beauty, longevity, work-ability, stain-ability, and durability, Genuine Mahogany lumber is by those in the woodworking community. The Lumber Baron is proud to be a stocking dealer of Genuine Mahogany 1×6 (full 3/4″ x 5 1/2″) decking and fencing.

Mahogany vs IPE

Genuine Mahogany is a great alternative to more commonly known, IPE. You will find Genuine Mahogany much easier to work with then it’s IPE counterpart. For a DYIer, that means easier cuts, reduced wear and tear on yourself and your tools, and less effort spent pre-drilling screw holes. For a contractor familiar with IPE, after your first cut, you’ll appreciate the difference. Genuine Mahogany takes on and retains stain extremely well. IPE, on the other hand, is one of the most difficult woods to stain and maintain. IPE has more natural oils that that make retention more difficult. If you sand with too high a grit, the sealer can wash right off during the season’s first rain. If maintaining the color of the wood is important to you, Genuine Mahogany will require less time and effort and will require maintenance less frequently, saving you both time and money.

Our Mahogany is Sustainable

All of the Genuine Mahogany we sell at The Lumber Baron is sustainable. Our Genuine Mahogany lumber is W.U.I. (Wildland Urban Interface) Compliant, meeting California’s fire code requirements for exterior construction within Wildland-Urban Interface (W.U.I) areas.Genuine Fijian Mahogany is plantation grown, similar to a crop of wheat, and is a renewable resource. Planted on the Fijian Islands after World War II with the intention of being fully sustainable resource. “Minimal impact logging” is the practice, a concept where the least amount of damage possible occurs to the surrounding areas. So many hardwoods on the lumber market have iffy origins and cutting practices.  It is truly refreshing to find a beautiful, sustainable product that will help the Fijian economy and community grow!