Project Description

From the elevator shafts of the Copper King Mine established in 1881 in Yavapai, AZ, The Lumber Baron is proud to announce the arrival of 6×8 old growth reclaimed Kapur timbers. In search of dense, hardwood to support the weight of the mine shafts, theses early miners trusted their lives to the ancient Kapur trees that came out of the tropical lowland rain forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. Ranging in color from light orange and yellow, to rich red and purplish browns, old growth Kapur lumber has long been prized for durability, density, and beauty.

The availability of this Kapor lumber is limited, perhaps because the international trend towards sourcing timber from old growth rain forests has rightfully become unpopular in recent years. However, The Lumber Baron is proud to offer you this reclaimed, guilt free source.

Our reclaimed Kapur flooring is rustic, yet warm and inviting. Available in a wide 1×7 (6 1/2 exposure) profile, this unique flooring option is simply…stunning.