Project Description

From the old International Harvester Co. manufacturing plant located in Richmond, CA we have acquired a wonderful, large collection of Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams 6×12 beams. The factory served as a distribution plant, supplying parts nationwide for their construction manufacturing units, farming equipment, and truck lines. The property now consists of a number of beautiful town homes, live/work units, and park space.

The 6×12 (measuring an actual 5-1/4″ x 11-1/4″) were braced and bolted together to support the massive ceiling above. Occasional nail and bolt holes are present. Dark brown to grey in color with long lengths up to 20′. Hand selected for growth ring density, these #1 select structural International Harvester Building Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams are going fast.

Regarded for it’s strength and interior durability, Douglas Fir lumber has always been a preferred option for builders and architects for structural members. It has high resistance to earth quakes, wind and other natural occurrences. Old growth vertical grain fir makes exceptional flooring or cabinets and if often used in window casing and doors panels. Douglas fir is also a great choice for exposed beams due to it’s strength and beautiful color (usually yellow or light brown with hints of red). Aside from the name, our reclaimed old growth douglas fir has little in common with the douglas fir of today. Superior in both look and strength with a dense ring count, reclaimed douglas fir is a beautiful, versatile building choice.

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