Project Description

We also have a large selection of 2x reclaimed material that can be resawn on site resulting in 2 pieces of 1x Reclaimed Doug Fir Siding. Seen here is the counter material at The Natural Grocer in El Cerrito and an interior wall paneling application.

The Lumber Baron has a large selection of reclaimed Douglas Fir for sale. Perfect for flooring, interior siding, exposed beams, furniture or floating shelves; we carefully select our old growth doug fir lumber for ring density, strength, and unique coloration, as well as historic value. Reclaimed douglas fir is known for its sheer structural strength and is still a common building material used in construction. Aside from the name, the reclaimed old growth material we carry, has little in common with the fir used today. Superior in both look and strength, reclaimed fir is a versatile product that can be used uniquely in numerous ways.

With a number of high quality options that can instantly add a local historical flair to your project (Reclaimed Doug Fir Siding among them), make The Lumber Baron your go to supplier for all your reclaimed fir lumber needs. Check out the Reclaimed Fir section of our website for other incredible reclaimed fir products.


Our Lumber is Sustainable and Green:

Studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is superior to synthetic products in every way. Of all the building products, the lumber we sell has some of the lowest impacts on air and water quality. Its production produces far fewer toxins and green house gases in comparison to composites and cement. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, the lumber we stock actually removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Unlike brick, cement and composite lumber, our lumber is renewable and biodegradable. We source our WRCedar, mahogany and redwood from the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

Wood is the only major building material that is renewable. Lumber producers have been replacing harvested trees so diligently over the last few decades that North American forests have actually grown by 20% since 1970.

Wood is resistant, and in the right conditions, last for a very long time. Several wooden structures through out the world have lasted over a thousand years. In fact, a major part of our business is selling incredible lumber from deconstructed buildings. The ultimate in reducing the consumption of materials, our reclaimed lumber is exquisite and rich in history. Check out our other reclaimed lumber options.