Reclaimed Douglas Fir – A Superior Choice For Your Project

The Lumber Baron has a large selection of reclaimed Douglas Fir for sale. Perfect for flooring, interior siding, exposed beams, furniture or floating shelves; our carefully selected old-growth doug fir lumber is chosen for ring density, strength, and unique coloration, as well as historic value.

Reclaimed douglas fir is known for its sheer structural strength and is still the most common building material used in construction. Aside from the name, the reclaimed old growth material we carry, has little in common with the fir used today. Superior in both look and strength, reclaimed fir is a versatile product that can be used uniquely in numerous ways.

With a number of high quality options that can instantly add a local historical flair to your project, make The Lumber Baron your go to supplier for all your reclaimed fir lumber needs.

Current Inventory Items:

  • Clear Vertical Grain Fir Flooring–  1×4 T&G perfect for those trying to match many of the floors found in older Bay Area homes. We are also offering limited amounts of 1×5 (measure 3/4″ x 4-7/8″ exposed face) t&g clear old growth vertical grain doug fir flooring.
  • Sears Factory Store in San Leandro– Inscribed with the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill’s legendary “4 – SQUARE” lumber stamp, this incredible 2×6 old growth, clear, vertical grain Fir is the source of our “Forever Flooring,” a product that will amaze you for generations to come.
  • Alameda Marina Joists– Thousands of board feet of rough, full dimension 2×12 reclaimed fir we pulled from numerous buildings at the Alameda Marina.
  • St. Mary’s Reclaimed Bleachers Reclaimed from a recent gymnasium remodel at the Berkeley Catholic high school, these reclaimed fir bleacher boards are ready for their next home.
  • The San Leandro Georgia Pacific Paper Mill–  Large amount of white washed 6×6, 6×12 and 4×8 old growth Fir. Hand selected for its growth ring density.
  • International Harvester Company Massive beams and other quality cuts have been salvaged from the warehouse which was once used as a parts distribution center.
  • Harbor Paper Mill Reclaimed in 2015, with a history reaching back as far as 1929, these huge 14×16 reclaimed fir beams are quite the specimen.

Your Source for Reclaimed Douglas Fir

Reclaimed from the sites listed above and dozens of other locations throughout the West Coast, our reclaimed Douglas Fir can be used in its natural state or re-milled to meet your project specifications. Our reclaimed Douglas Fir is a higher quality of lumber than what is available today, cut and milled in an age when trees were large and craftsmanship was a cornerstone of the American enterprise. We have searched far and wide to locate the best old growth reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber available, and offer it to you as-is, or milled to provide a clean, fresh appearance. No need to cut any new trees down, reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber also helps preserve our forests.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir from The Lumber Baron

Our reclaimed fir is carefully selected and prepared to meet the needs of our customers.  It comes from a variety of sources, including old barns, and deconstructed commercial projects throughout California.  Our expert staff will assist you in choosing the best reclaimed Douglas Fir for sale for your project.  Working with you in our facility, our lumber experts will guide you, as you decide which look to go for – a natural, as-is look, showcasing the history of the lumber or a fresh, milled look, giving you a clean piece of reclaimed Douglas Fir while still connecting with its historical roots.

Get to Know Our Company and Products

Since 1978, The Lumber Baron has been providing quality Redwood, Douglas Fir, cedar, and reclaimed hardwoods to our valued customers. Our knowledge of wood and love of the environment prompted us to begin reclaiming old-growth lumber in the early 2000’s, and today we offer large selections of dense, high quality salvaged lumber that cannot be matched by new lumber found in lumber yards today being. Sticking to our company motto REAL.GOOD.WOOD., The Lumber Baron will always go the extra steps necessary to make sure you are getting the best reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber for sale.


Reclaimed Clear Vertical Grain Doug Fir T&G Flooring

Our reclaimed clear vertical grain doug fir T&G flooring is truly exquisite. We mill this lumber from our hand selected reclaimed beams or from salvaged logs. Unfortunately, a lot of today's flooring has little in common with our products. Truthfully, it's amazing some of today's flooring even qualifies as "wood." Often made of thin veneer [...]


Forever Floors…Reclaimed Doug Fir 2x T&G Clear Vertical Grain Flooring

The Lumber Baron's Forever Floors- Reclaimed Doug Fir Flooring. Create your own Legacy. Introducing our “Forever Floors,” 2x6 t&g, clear vertical grain flooring, reclaimed from the Sears factory store in San Leandro. The material carries the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill’s legendary “4–SQUARE” lumber stamp, a symbol that came to signify the premier douglas fir product in [...]


International Harvester Co. Reclaimed Douglas Fir Lumber

From the old International Harvester Co. manufacturing plant located in Richmond, CA we have acquired a wonderful, large collection of Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams 6x12 beams. The factory served as a distribution plant, supplying parts nationwide for their construction manufacturing units, farming equipment, and truck lines. The property now consists of a number of beautiful [...]


Reclaimed Doug Fir Beams and Bridge Timbers

Builders of the past used material that was readily available and around here, redwood and doug fir reigned supreme.  Our collection of select structural Reclaimed Doug Fir Beams, come primarily from old bridges or large dwellings.  Many of the ends are stamped "Dense Structural," a grade the old mills burned into the ends, signifying to [...]


Reclaimed Doug Fir Siding

We also have a large selection of 2x reclaimed material that can be resawn on site resulting in 2 pieces of 1x Reclaimed Doug Fir Siding. Seen here is the counter material at The Natural Grocer in El Cerrito and an interior wall paneling application. The Lumber Baron has a large selection of reclaimed Douglas [...]


Reclaimed Doug Fir 2x Joists

Because of its structural strength, old growth doug fir was the primary joist material used in buildings throughout California. Left alone the beefy, full dimension stock is ideal for furniture or, if split, makes excellent flooring, siding or paneling. We carry a variety of widths, from 4-14” and have both a select knotty and clear [...]


Reclaimed Floating Shelves

Don’t like the bulkiness of cabinets or book shelves? Reclaimed Floating Shelves create an incredible look and sense of openness. With their clean lines and rustic edges, floating shelves are a perfect way to provide storage space without busying up your entire space. We carry numerous reclaimed lumber 2x options, the perfect material for reclaimed [...]


Georgia Pacific Mill, Fort Bragg, CA

Founded in 1885 by lumber baron Charles Johnson, the mill was the center of the city’s economic development. Purchased by Georgia Pacific in 1972, the site extended over 320 acres along the beautiful Fort Bragg coast line. Unfortunately, after years of declining sales, the mill closed its doors forever in 2002 and shortly thereafter, a [...]