Project Description

From the old International Harvester Co. manufacturing plant located in Richmond, CA we have a wonderful assortment of reclaimed Douglas Fir 2x t&g and 3x, 4x, 6x, and 10x beams. The factory served as a distribution plant, supplying parts nationwide for their construction manufacturing units, farming equipment, and truck lines. Vacant since 2006, the property is currently being transformed into beautiful town homes, live/work units, and park space.

The T&G is exquisitely patinaed. White washed on one side with brown and golden hues on the other. It served as a structural ceiling in the massive warehouse. Available in two different sizes (2×8 and 2×10) the material would make sturdy flooring, wonderful tables, or delightful exposed ceilings (but of course).

The 10×12 massive beams served as the support beams for the structure. Most are painted and numbered identifying the different bays of the wearhouse.

The rafter and joist material was created from a series of different old growth douglas fir sizes. 3×7, 3×9, 3×11, 4×12, 6×6 and 6×12 were braced and bolted together to support up massive ceiling above. Occasional, nail and bolt holes can be seen. The numerous sizes leads itself to diverse usage.