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Reclaimed redwood lumber is a great option for both indoor and outdoor projects. The Lumber Baron has sought far and wide to acquire the best old growth reclaimed redwood on the market. Our reclaimed lumber is all hand selected, providing you with the finest material money can buy, from locations with historical and nostalgic value.

  • Bay Bridge and Pier 31 Redwood- The Lumber Baron is proud to offer reclaimed lumber from both the Old Bay Bridge and San Francisco’s famous Pier 31.
  • Reclaimed Reservoirs Lumber Our reclaimed redwood lumber selection includes a variety of old growth redwood lumber taken from reservoir projects with construction dating from the early 1900’s.
  • Reclaimed Water and Wine Tanks Made from beautiful 3x redwood.
  • Bridge Timbers – Incredible 6×16 and 12×12 clear all heart material.
  • Hand Hewn Timbers Rough hewn redwood salvaged from old barns is excellent for exposed beams and mantles. This finely aged lumber includes original saw and axe marks and many pieces contain bark from the tree.

Custom Trellis, Siding –

In need of some special, statement exposed beams or a one of a kind trellis material? We have a large selection of 6×16 and 6×18 dense structural redwood beams, reclaimed from California’s old bridges and other major construction projects. These incredible bridge timbers and extremely wide and lead themselves to easy resawing into more common 6×6, 6×8 etc beam sizes.  These gigantic old growth timbers are not available except as reclaimed lumber and cannot be reproduced by today’s young-growth forests.

Reclaimed redwood 1x siding is often milled from thicker reclaimed redwood lumber. More often then not, 1x siding has served it’s useful life. It’s either deteriorated, has lead based paint, or is damaged during the deconstruction process. However, The Lumber Baron has a large stock of 2x and greater reclaimed lumber which can be custom milled to match any siding profile.

The Lumber Baron is your source for high quality redwood, both new and reclaimed redwood. We scour the country in search of antique buildings and major construction projects which are being dismantled or refurbished and choose the best materials for our stock. Available in original milled sizes or re-milled to your specifications, you will not find a better selection of reclaimed old growth redwood. We stock new growth redwood and cedar lumber as well, but our old growth, knot-free, reclaimed redwood is in a class by itself, and must be seen to be believed.


Mira Loma Quartermaster Depot Reclaimed Redwood

Construction of the Mira Loma Quarter Master Depot began in 1942 and it soon was tasked with an "overseas distribution mission for subsistence, general supplies, clothing, and equipage" of troops during World War II. In 1952 the property was transferred to the U.S. Airforce and in 2022 a large demolition project commenced. From the reclamation [...]


Redwood Reclaimed Bridge Timbers

Early engineers turned to massive beams to carry the structural loads of California’s first bridges. From various Northern California Bridges, we have acquired a large amount of massive, old growth, dense structural, Reclaimed Redwood Bridge Beams. Carefully dismantled and cleaned, these (mostly) 6"x16"x20' timbers are ready to be transformed into their next life. A limited [...]


Milled Reclaimed Redwood Lumber

Do you like all the characteristics of reclaimed material but prefer a cleaner, less weathered, more finished look? These pictures show what our milled reclaimed redwood lumber can look like when it is freshly milled. Reclaimed redwood lumber is a great option for both interior and exterior projects. The Lumber Baron seeks out the best [...]


Reclaimed Wine Tank Redwood Lumber

Before the switch to either stainless steel or oak, many wineries in California used redwood tanks to store and age wine. We’ve acquired some special Cabernet wine tanks including staves from one of California’s oldest wineries, Digardi, founded in the 1860’s in Martinez. Beautifully stained by years of wine grape tannins, these incredible pieces of [...]


San Jose Almaden Reservior Reclaimed Redwood Lumber

The Almaden Reservoir, one Santa Clara county's six original reservoirs, was built in 1935.  Still in use, we have limited amounts of 2x12 and 2x10 Reclaimed Reservoir Redwood Lumber from its seismic project in 2017. The redwood served as the rafters holding up the structures metal roofing. A full 2” thick, this Reclaimed Reservoir Redwood [...]


Various Reclaimed Redwood Water Tank Material

From various locations throughout the Bay Area we have acquired a large amount of reclaimed redwood water tank lumber. Made from clear all heart redwood the staves generally measure 2-1/2" x 5-1/4", 2-1/2"x 7-1/4" or 2-1/2"x 9-1/4". The bottoms 2-1/2"x 7-1/4", 2-1/2"x 9-1/4", or 2-1/2" x 11-1/4". Reclaimed redwood water tanks are still found on [...]


Reclaimed Wood Paneling

Everyone uses paint. Why not incorporate wood to create an environment of warmth, charm and character with one or a combination of any of our reclaimed wood paneling options? We have a number of beautifully weathered reclaimed wood paneling options that will liven any room. From our Bay Bridge Redwood, to old growth Kapur reclaimed [...]


Reclaimed Redwood Floor

Create your own custom space by choosing planks in a variety of wide widths and lengths not available at your normal flooring store. With unmatched beauty, a reclaimed redwood floor will become the center piece of any space. The appeal of redwood lumber as a building material goes beyond its strength and beauty. Redwood is [...]


Hangar One Reclaimed Redwood Lumber

Reclaimed from the ceilings of the famous Moffett Field air base in Sunnyvale, we have thousands of board feet from the legendary Hangar One. Measuring 1 ½ x 4 ½ and exposing numerous oxidized nail holes, this Hangar 1 Reclaimed Redwood clear all heart old growth material is stunning in look and rich in history. [...]


Reclaimed Redwood Reservoir Beams

Builders of the past used material that was readily available and around here, redwood reigned supreme. This collection of 6x6 clear all heart redwood timbers came from the Almaden Reservoir. Many of the ends are stamped "Dense Structural," a grade the old mills burned into the ends, signifying to the buyer few to no knots [...]