Project Description

Reclaimed from locations throughout the Bay Area, The Lumber Baron offers a number of different reclaimed Douglas Fir 2x t&g flooring options. This thicker material can often serve a duel purpose, making a beautiful exposed ceiling and flooring on the floor above. Unlike the extremely short pieces you’ll find today at other flooring stores (in many cases 2′-4′), most of our lengths are 8′ and above, a majority being 12′ and over. ┬áMilled decades ago from old growth Douglas Fir logs, these floors will serve admirably for decades to come.

Carefully removed and denailed, these reclaimed Doug Fir floors are pre-grooved and ready for installation. A light sand can bring them back to their original glory, or they can be used as is for a more rustic appearance. Limited amounts of White Washed (one side) reclaimed Doug Fir 2x t&g flooring are also available. Check out the fence at our new location in Richmond, it’s made entirely from the this lumber.