Project Description

Builders of the past used material that was readily available and around here, redwood and doug fir reigned supreme.  Our collection of select structural Reclaimed Doug Fir Beams, come primarily from old bridges or large dwellings.  Many of the ends are stamped “Dense Structural,” a grade the old mills burned into the ends, signifying to the buyer few to no knots and a dense grain structure.  Grey with patina, often dotted with bolt and nail holes, these beams would make eye catching exposed beams or have them milled into one of a kind bar tops or siding.  These Reclaimed Doug Fir Beams are impossible to replicate given the size of the trees cut down to make today’s lumber.

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Our Reclaimed FSC Certified Lumber is Sustainable and Green:

Wood is resistant, and in the right conditions, last for a very long time. Several wooden structures through out the world have lasted over a thousand years. In fact, a major part of our business is selling incredible lumber from deconstructed buildings. The ultimate in reducing the consumption of materials, our reclaimed lumber is exquisite and rich in history. Check out our other reclaimed lumber options.

Research proves that “greenness” has a measurable impact on occupants. And not just in residential applications. Used in retail and hospitality, it enhances customer experiences. In healthcare it contributes to faster healing. In workspaces it promotes productivity and boosts morale. As urbanization continues, factoring these benefits into modern design is crucial. Reap the many benefits of wood by incorporating it in your next project.