Project Description

Reclaimed from locations throughout the Bay Area, The Lumber Baron offers a number of different reclaimed Douglas Fir 2x t&g flooring options.  Unlike the extremely short pieces you’ll find today at other flooring stores (in many cases 2′-4′), most of our lengths are 8′ and above, a majority being 12′ and over.  Milled decades ago from old growth Douglas Fir logs, these floors will serve admirably for decades to come.

Reclaimed from the International Harvester Building warehouse in Richmond, CA we currently have around 10,000 square feet of reclaimed Douglas Fir 2×8 and 2×10 T&G flooring. Carefully removed and denailed, these reclaimed Doug Fir floors are pre-grooved and ready for installation. A light sand can bring them back to their original glory, or they can be used as is for a more rustic appearance. Limited amounts of White Washed (one side) reclaimed Doug Fir 2x t&g flooring are also available.

The Lumber Baron’s Forever Floors

From a recent remodel of the Sears Factory store in San Leandro, The Lumber Baron is proud to offer approximately 20,000 square feet of reclaimed Douglas Fir 2×5 old growth vertical grain clear t&g flooring. This material is exquisite! The material carries the Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill’s legendary “4 – SQUARE” lumber stamp, a symbol that signifies what has become to be accepted as the premier product in the construction industry world wide.  It is also Japan’s preferred import grade.

Measuring 1-5/8″ thick and 5″ wide, these reclaimed doug fir floors will last you generations.

With so many problems regarding today’s flooring products (short lengths, thin veneer strips of wood glued on top of plywood, off gassing, durability issues, cheap look, etc) why wouldn’t you install one of our reclaimed doug fir 2x flooring products? You’ll (and your children and your children’s children) be happy you did!