With the opening of our new Richmond lumber yard and showroom in late 2021 (and now finally with some space to spread our wings and expand our product offerings), The Lumber Baron will be stocking a number of different live edge slabs. Few know this, but before my father started The Lumber Baron in 1978, he was “The Earl of Burl.”  He traveled cross country in a VW bus, selling redwood burl tables and M.C. Escher prints. It was on this business endeavor that he met my Mother in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1975.

From curly grain Redwood, to Monkey Pod, Walnut, Maple, Elm, Acacia, Sycamore, Cottonwood and more, we’re excited to be coming full circle as a company to offer some amazing live edge slabs. We will be dedicated to salvaging only the very best grain composition, figure, and curl. We try hard to keep as much of this awesome material out of shredding machines and chippers as possible. Once dry, each live edge slab will be numbered and listed under the “Slab” section of our website. Click on the numbered slab you are interested in for a short, close up video.