Project Description

From a large, football stadium size, water reservoir in San Bernardino, CA, The Lumber Baron is proud to offer clear all heart, Reclaimed Reservoir Redwood Lumber in 2×10, 4×12, and 8×8 sizes. The 2×10 and 4×12 redwood served as the rafters holding up the structures metal roof.  A full 2” thick, the 2×10 (net 2″ x 9-1/4″) is perfect for furniture or, resawn in half, would make thick, substantial siding, or wall paneling. The 4×12 (net 4″x11-1/4″) is also old growth clear all heart. The large dimensions lead itself to a host of different uses; exposed beams, ripped to siding material, furniture, 2x, etc.

The clear all heart 8×8 were the structural members that held up the rafters. Perfectly antiqued over decades being submerged in water, we have only have limited amounts of this beautiful reclaimed material. It can also be freshly resawn into exquisite 1x siding material, 2×8, 4×8, etc. Bolted to the ground, beautiful black streaking has occurred from years of metal oxidation towards the bottoms of the beams. Use this Reclaimed Reservoir Redwood Lumber in your next project before it’s all gone.

The ultimate in reducing the consumption of materials, our reclaimed lumber exquisite and rich in history. Check out our other reclaimed lumber options.