Project Description

Once the largest employer in the city of Hoquiam, Washington, the Harbor Paper Mill opened its doors in 1929. After a couple of temporary shut downs, the company was reborn in 1993, headed up by a group of local families, dedicated to bringing jobs to the Grays Harbor area. Renamed Grays Harbor Paper, the new company switched to manufacturing recycled paper goods and soon became a leader in regional sustainability. Financial hardships led to Harbor Paper LLC acquiring the company in August of 2012. Again financial issues led to a mill closure, this time for good, in February 2012. All the assets were auctioned off and the mill was demolished in January 2015.

From the demolition, The Lumber Baron is proud to offer a number of large Doug Fir Timbers. Mostly 14×16 and 3×12, these large support beams have been laboriously denailed and are ready for a new beginning. Equipped with a wonderful patina, these beams are limited in use only by your imagination. Own a piece of Americana.