Project Description

Graded FAS (First and Seconds…the highest Mahogany grade), The Lumber Baron is proud to offer over 7,000 board feet of this very special Salvaged Genuine Honduran Mahogany lumber. Measuring a full 4″ thick, 12″-20″ wide and 11′-14′ in length, this exceptionally rare material would be perfect for guitar tops, exquisite cabinetry, library panels, boat building, furniture, etc. Known for its workability, beauty, and longevity, Genuine Honduran Mahogany lumber has long been coveted by wood workers and is highlighted in some of the most bespoke furniture pieces ever created. These thicknesses, widths and lengths, in this type of quality is almost unheard of, so grab them while you can. Current stock is around 3,000 board feet.

Prized especially by guitar makers, Honduran Mahogany’s tone is known to compliment rather then compete, with the lyricist’s voice.

Because Hardwoods have long been sought after for their durability and value, questionable logging practices have often plagued the industry.  Sure many hardwoods are beautiful and exotic but at what cost did they get to the States? Were they illegally logged to make a quick buck? Were rain forests clear cut and the lumber hauled out in the middle of the night? With those questions given the utmost importance, we also stock a sustainably harvested Genuine Mahogany in a nominal 1×6 board. Perfect for decking and horizontal fencing, it also makes great furniture material.