Project Description

All heart redwood siding is an beautiful, long lasting, sustainable material choice for contractors and home owners alike. Due to it’s beauty, easy work-ability, and longevity redwood siding will continue to be highly sought after. In widths ranging from 4″-12″, and lengths from 6′-20′, The Lumber Baron stocks 3 different all heart redwood siding grade possibilities. Each redwood siding order is run to the customer’s exact specifications and can be run with either a smooth or resawn finish. We are also able to replicate samples of existing redwood siding most other lumber yards are unable to match and go above and beyond in trying to match resawn texture if requested.

T&G (Tongue and Groove) Patterns

Ship Lap

Channel Shiplap

Bevel Siding

Rabbeted Bevel

Drop Siding

Lap Siding


Click the link below for a complete list of Redwood Siding Patterns:


Do your self a favor and stay away from cheap alternatives like cement, sapwood, and finger jointed wood products. They may seem like a “good deal” but all are easily damaged and can split wide open. Nothing worse then paying someone to do the same job twice! Maintain the integrity of your home and replace that redwood siding with…redwood siding! Don’t use cement or worse yet, finger jointed lumber, tiny pieces of sapwood lumber that are pressed and glued together. When you think about what your really buying it just sounds cheap, doesn’t it? Nothing they have come up with or will ever come up with, will match the warmth and beauty of real wood, especially all heart redwood. Buy the best, it’s the cheapest in the long run.

If you desire a more rustic appearance please visit our different reclaimed redwood siding options.

Redwood heartwood has long been the local craftsman choice for both interior and exterior lumber applications. Its beauty and rot resistance make it a highly desired construction material. Redwood lumber is light weight and easy to mill. It glues and stains easily. Painting is a little more difficult due to heavy tannin found in the redwood heartwood (which protect the lumber from rot and insect attacks) which often bleeds through. We recommend two coats of primer before painting. Heartwood color ranges from pink to dark red to an almost purple. Sapwood is easily identifiable by its white color and doesn’t hold the rot resistant qualities the heartwood does. We highly recommend you stay away from sapwood redwood products.

Our Lumber is Sustainable and Green:

Studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is superior to synthetic products in every way. Of all the building products, the lumber we sell has some of the lowest impacts on air and water quality. Its production produces far fewer toxins and green house gases in comparison to composites and cement. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, the lumber we stock actually removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Unlike brick, cement and composite lumber, our lumber is renewable and biodegradable. We source our WRCedar, mahogany and redwood from the most sustainably managed forests in the world.

Wood is the only major building material that is renewable. Lumber producers have been replacing harvested trees so diligently over the last few decades that North American forests have actually grown by 20% since 1970.

Wood is resistant, and in the right conditions, last for a very long time. Several wooden structures through out the world have lasted over a thousand years. In fact, a major part of our business is selling incredible lumber from deconstructed buildings. The ultimate in reducing the consumption of materials, our reclaimed lumber is exquisite and rich in history. Check out our other reclaimed lumber options.

Research proves that “greenness” has a measurable impact on occupants. And not just in residential applications. Used in retail and hospitality, it enhances customer experiences. In healthcare it contributes to faster healing. In workspaces it promotes productivity and boosts morale. As urbanization continues, factoring these benefits into modern design is crucial. Reap the many benefits of wood by incorporating it in your next project.