Project Description

From a large apartment complex deck replacement project in Emeryville, CA we are proud to offer of 7,000 square feet of reclaimed 1×6 IPE decking. IPE is naturally resistant to rot, has a dense grain structure and varying shades of red, brown and orange. Although it probably has affected our bottom line, due to sustainability concerns and questionable harvesting practices, The Lumber Baron has chosen to never stock this popular decking option. However, we felt it a greater shame to not pay the construction companies asking price and destine this material to the dump.  Still with many, many years of usable life (the apartment management company replaced the IPE after only 4 years because they were “tired of the maintenance”) our reclaimed IPE can be guiltlessly reused as wall cladding, furniture, horizontal fencing, or decking.

Get while you can…only 900 linear feet (400 square feet) remain.