Project Description

Everyone else will call you crazy for even asking, but we do stock clear all heart old growth vertical grain redwood here at The Lumber Baron. Mostly 4″ and 6″ widths, we offer both a new growth and a dense vertical grain options. Clear all heart, dry and with a fine grain count, this lumber is the finest available redwood on the market. An incredible choice for interior paneling, exterior siding, high profile applications, and furniture. It matches well to the old redwood lumber found in Frank Lloyd Wright, Maybeck, Craftsman and Victorian homes. Once again proving why we are the Redwood lumber specialists.

The Lumber Baron REAL.GOOD.WOOD.

Need even wider width vg redwood? Our huge reclaimed redwood beam inventory can be ripped down to 1x material providing some stunning vertical grain redwood.

Redwood heartwood has long been the local craftsman choice for both interior and exterior lumber applications. It’s beauty and rot resistance make it a highly desired construction material. Redwood lumber is light weight and easy to mill. Heartwood color ranges from pink to dark red to an almost purple. Sapwood is easily identifiable by its white color and doesn’t hold the rot resistant qualities the heartwood does. We highly recommend you stay away from sapwood redwood products.