knotty pine

Reclaimed Lumber

Giving old wood a new life

No new wood product can match the beauty, charm, and durability of our reclaimed lumber. Often salvaged from old barns, turn of the century water towers, significant buildings and structures, wine vats, or bridges; historical nuance can instantly be added to your next building project. Left untouched, the patinas create a sense of warmth and old world charm.

When milled, our reclaimed lumber’s natural colors are brought back to life, often accompanied by variations caused by sediment intake or metal oxidation. Whether milled or left in its natural reclaimed state, you will make a statement with a material that has already stood the test of time and that will remain beautiful for many more years to come.

Aside from the superior look and strength of reclaimed lumber, from an environmental standpoint, you can also rest assured. No new trees were cut down, and by using the reclaimed material, you have aided in giving the old wood a new life.

Types of Reclaimed Wood Available

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