Rough Reclaimed Douglas Fir 2x from Historic San Luis Obispo Building2019-01-24T21:35:26-07:00
Reclaimed Clear Vertical Grain Doug Fir T&G Flooring2019-02-18T13:02:30-07:00
Reclaimed Doug Fir 2x T&G Flooring2019-03-15T08:52:18-07:00
Reclaimed Douglas Fir From The San Leandro/Georgia Pacific Paper Mill2019-01-15T22:49:31-07:00
Mare Island Naval Yard Warehouse Reclaimed Doug Fir2019-01-24T21:35:27-07:00
Pier 31 Reclaimed Redwood and Douglas Fir Lumber2019-01-24T21:35:27-07:00
San Jose Almaden Reservior Reclaimed Redwood Lumber2019-01-15T22:53:37-07:00
International Harvester Co. Reclaimed Douglas Fir Lumber2019-01-24T21:35:27-07:00