New Yard - Harbour Before Panoramic - The Lumber Baron (1)

The Lumber Baron is excited to announce a new 3.5 acre site is in the works!

The new yard, located at 1140 Harbour Way South in Richmond, will have 16,000 square feet of indoor storage and showroom space, an expanded milling operation, and many new product offerings including FSC certified hardwood decking, slabs, and a host of exciting reclaimed lumber options. The Lumber Baron would like to thank you for your continued support over the last 42 years.  We realize this expansion would not be possible without you and hope the new yard and lumber products will make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable.

Photos of The Lumber Baron’s New Yard

New Lumber Baron Yard site.

Arial view of the new Lumber Baron yard, 2016.

It took a while (to say the least) but full scale construction started in late 2017. Pictured is the construction crew clearing the site. There were over 8,000 tons of existing concrete foundations, curbs, and walls that needed to be demoed at our new location. Once the slabs were broken up into manageable pieces, we brought in a huge concrete grinder. The chunks of concrete were ground into 1″ aggregate that we compacted and reused on site as road base. Reclaim, reuse, recycle.

New Yard - The Lumber Baron - Showroom Foundation

The foundation for the new/showroom is all set. Measuring 80’x200′ we’re looking forward to 16,000 of covered retail and office space, especially on deary days like this one.

Here comes the building.


Framing going up.

Framing complete.

Exterior siding and interior walls going up.

Drone shot of the progress…we’re getting there.


Roof is on.


Racks are in.


Racks are filling up with a ton of reclaimed lumber.


Exterior Racks

Some of the interior design finishes

The lights are going in, and the build out for the office space has begun. We’ll keep you updated but as of now, we have an estimated opening date of June 1, 2020. Material viewing arrangements can be made by appointment only.

New Yard Location

The new yard will be located at 1140 Harbour Way South, Richmond, CA 94804 just up the street from Richmond’s new ferry line.